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The subtle rivalry growing between Rudy Gobert and Joel Embiid

Apparently Rudy Gobert hurt Joel Embiid’s feelings

NBA: Utah Jazz at Phoenix Suns Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

If you look closely, an actual rivalry is growing!

We are all familiar with Joel Embiid’s flop after Donovan Mitchell’s shove by now.

But what’s interesting is his tweet after the game.

Now, if you’re familiar with Rudy Gobert on Twitter, one of his common tweets is to write “on to the next one” after games.

This is an obvious troll and attack of the Stifle Tower by admitted flopper Joel Embiid. But honestly, Embiid has no argument against Rudy Gobert. The only time they’ve faced each other, Gobert DOMINATED Embiid helping the Utah Jazz to a 20 point victory last season. Embiid’s only points came in garbage time while Gobert sat after needing only 20 minutes to dispose of the Sixers.

Rudy seemed disappointed that Embiid was scared of Rudy the Sixers had chosen to rest their starting center for the game.

Another interesting comment from Embiid came before last game where Embiid said “at the end of the day the decision is on me.”

So did Embiid choose not to play early in the season against the Jazz because he might get stifled again?

Rudy is ready for the challenge whenever it happens next. Let’s hope Embiid chooses to play against Gobert next time. I know I’m excited for it.

It’s Thanksgiving time and one of my favorite things the Jazz do is their annual We Care-We Share Thanksgiving Dinner.

The Utah Jazz are a team that cares about their community and Gail Miller is great caretaker of Larry Miller’s legacy.

Deron Williams’ career may be over.

Also interesting to note in the article is how much time Deron Williams spends in Utah.

Williams is a free agent. He's not retired, but he's not necessarily looking either. Caught somewhere between anxiety and indifference, the 33-year-old three-time All-Star is experiencing his first fall in over a decade without an NBA team to report to.

He combats his new reality by staying busy. Prior to opening night, he had just returned to Dallas from a golf trip in Monterey, California. He has gone back and forth between his homes in Texas and the place in Park City, Utah, close to where his NBA career began.

What do you think, dunkers? Should the Jazz take a flier on Deron Williams?

Star Wars is coming out soon and apparently Rodney Hood uses Jedi mind tricks...

h/t reddit user gamethreadgod

I’m just going to put this here and I don’t care what flames are produced because of it. If the draft were held today, the Jazz would have the 7th pick.

Have an amazing Wednesday!