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Are the Jazz improving or is it fool’s gold?

The Utah Jazz have improved offensively since Rudy Gobert’s injury. Can this offense be sustained?

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After a two week long break, we’re back looking at the Jazz’s recent surge back to respectability. After a few disappointing weeks and injuries, Utah looks to have found their groove with Rodney Hood coming off the bench and Donovan Mitchell excelling as a rookie.

The Utah Jazz also debuted their gold jerseys, and surprisingly, they weren’t as bad as we thought. We talk about the Jazz’s rumored 4th jersey and if it will look better in person than in the renders.

This episode’s topics in order:

  • Are the Utah Jazz good now?
  • December is not looking so difficult with some opponents struggling.
  • Rodney Hood has found his role.
  • Donovan Mitchell’s impressive November.
  • Is Ricky Rubio and if he’s a good fit for the Jazz?
  • Derrick Favors is improving his trade value by the game.
  • Alec Burks has been improving and playing defense!
  • Are the Utah Jazz gold uniforms actually ... gasp ... nice?

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