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Derrick Favors is destroying opposing centers

Utah Jazz’s Derrick Favors has gone beast-mode!

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

In Rudy Gobert’s absence the Jazz needed someone to step up and Derrick Favors has done it in a big way. Just look at these numbers from the Jazz three game win streak. (via basketball reference)

It’s clear the Derrick Favors is officially “back.”

A major reason that Favors is doing so well is he’s playing his natural position, center. Playing the power forward next to Rudy Gobert seems to negate a lot of his strength because there’s redundancy of talent.

We talked about this on the SLC Punks podcast in the offseason that the NBA has seemed to pass Favors’ skillset by. But that may not be completely accurate. More likely is that Favors becomes incredibly valuable as a modern NBA center. These last three games prove it.

But the Jazz don’t want to give up Favors for nothing, he’s just too good. So they need to find answers when Rudy comes back because they need the floor spacing for Favors and Rudy to work. This may mean a change at point guard where Ricky Rubio has struggled with his shooting this season. Shooting under 30% from three, Rubio’s defenders back off him and clog the paint keeping lanes closed for Favors and Gobert.

The Jazz can afford two non-stretch players on the floor in Favors and Rubio but when you add Gobert it kills the offense. The Jazz may need to make a change at point guard when Rudy comes back and I present to you a possible solution.

NBA: Utah Jazz-Media Day Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Ingles? Yes, Joe Ingles.

The last three games show how effecting he is running the point. (via basketball reference)

Ingles can spread the floor and then you have one of the best backup point guards in the NBA in Rubio.

Here’s an example of Joe Ingles manning the point and initiating the offense from last night.

It would require putting Rodney Hood back in the starting lineup. That’s tricky because it feels like Rodney has flourished as the Jazz’ sixth man. But this allows you to have floor spacing while also playing two non spacing bigs.

Whatever the Jazz decide, Quin Snyder has a tough task ahead of him.

Or the Jazz could just make a trade so they don’t lose Favors for nothing.

Utah Jazz dance cams continue to be incredible!

The Jazz are playing much better during their three-game win streak and it’s showing.

It’s clear that spacing does wonders for a team’s offense.

Can we just appreciate how amazing the Jazz Bear is? Best mascot in the league in my biased opinion.