#Tanknote? Thanks to Favors, Not so Fast!

Last week I was drinking the same Kool-Aid as @hansenjames. The Jazz were headed for a horrible December schedule, and it was time to not let the mounting losses get us down. Instead, it was time to embrace every (seemingly inevitable) loss and look forward to the lottery.

One week and three consecutive victories in a row, and the Jazz look like a brand new team. They're winning, and they're really fun to watch. Now the SLC Dunk "#Tanknote" t-shirts could be headed to the clearance rack, and the Amazing Spida-Man shirts are in demand. Will the Jazz make the playoffs? Maybe not. But things are not as bad as most of us thought.

There have been a lot of great things about this mini-streak. Rodney Hood looking like a legit 6th Man of the Year, while the aforementioned Donovan MItchell looks like a Rookie of the Year honorable least. The Jazz are getting good minutes from almost everyone on the roster, making Quin Snyder look more and more like a genius.

For me, the best part has been seeing Derrick Favors healthy again. It's almost like his injury-riddled 2016-2017 season never even happened. He has looked fantastic, and even better, he has been extremely durable so far. All the hard work he did over the summer has paid off and it's a joy to see him dominating the paint once more. I think he's determined to prove that last year was a fluke, that he is an elite player headed into free agency, and that he can be just as valuable to this team as Rudy. That last point is probably a stretch, but his play while Rudy has been out is making a case for it. I suspect he may feel disrespected by media and Twitter types, but he's such a pro that he's not going to publicly gripe about it. He's letting his play speak for him.

As much as I love Faves, I don't see a way for him to stay in a Jazz jersey next season. He's so good that he will demand a big contract, especially if he stays healthy this year. Even if the Jazz wanted to keep him as an insurance policy, they won't be able to afford him.

I can see Dennis Lindsey making shrewd trade at the deadline to help the team long term. When/if it happens, I won't be happy about it even if it turns out best for the Jazz long-term. It will be like trading Memo all over again.

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