The Dream that was the Core 4


Hello my fellow Jazz Fanatics,

I have been following the Jazz very intently since the Dark Times of the beginning of the Utah jazz rebuild around 2010. The reason I think I really got into the Jazz at this time was due to my own basketball playing in High School and the Fact (at that time in my high school brain.) the Jazz were going to be the next great team with what was referred to as the Core 4. I'm not sure if their are any SLCdunkers that were around for the naming of this group of 4 "young bucks", but it feels as though this dream we had of the core 4 is finally dead. You could have said that at the time of the Kanter trade and than again after Hayward left. However I had a small smidgen of hope that at least half of that core would return to the basketball graces once they got over their injury problems, however and I know its early still the final remaining pieces just don't look like they are going to be anything more than average.

If you couldn't tell who I was talking about above it happens to be (Government Name) Alec Burks, and Derrick Favors. Derrick Favors was my favorite player ever since the Dwill trade and is the only Jersey I have ever bought for myself (that changed this year with Mitchell). I am very sad to see what I think is injuries that killed his career, because before the back problems Favors was an absolute beast that was UBER athletic. Now injuries weren't the only factor because the rise of Gobert has taken away Favors best play the pick and roll or pop. Now that's not to say Rudy is the problem because he is just the superior player on both sides of the floor at this point and is showing continuing improvement. The interesting thing about all of the left over O'connor players is they all took almost half their careers to become compatent players. Where as now with Lindsey all the important pieces the Jazz have picked up have develop almost in half that time. Now I know not all have developed as DL picks, namely Lyles, Burke, and Exum, However, Hood was good almost from day one as a floor spacer, Rudy took two years, and now Mitchell could be the final domino. I also want to include Joe Ingles in the DL draft/siging if you dont like it bite me hahahahah. But back to Favors If only he had realized his potential sooner and I know that you can argue Milsap and Jefferson held him back, however as big a fan of Favors as I am I do not think he was better than those players at the time or now in comparison to the past versions of themselves ( the league as just changed to phase big Al out.).

Burks is on very difficult topic and tends to lead in one direction. That he was never given the opportunity as other players with lesser talent which is by far the majority on SLCdunk from my time reading here. However, (don't murder me please, I love the jazz just as much as you .) I have always agreed with Locke on Burks. I think he never put in the effort to improve his game and thought he always thought he was good enough the way he is. I think this is very evident by his game, while injuries have damaged his offensive game, he has made not effort to improve his defense or creation skills and tends to make the same mistakes as he did as a rookie on defense but the difference now is he doesn't have amazing offensive highlights anymore to counter act that bad defense for me as a fan. Burks is especially contentious now because of the rise of Mitchell I see some people stating that he plays the same reckless style as Mitchell and Mitchell is given every opportunity and if Burks was given the same he would be great if not equal to Mitchell. However maybe its not the case of Burks (maybe even Exum can be included in this aswell) not being given the opportunity but that the oppurtunity never presented itself because he wasn't good enough and never attempted to improve. Watching Mitchell in comparison to Burks is night in day in my opinion and I don't think it has to do with opportunity but just the simple fact Mitchell is just the superior player and deserve the opportunity because he is better.

I know I just talked about the two remaining core four but I did want to bring back some good and possibly ridiculous dreams we fans had for these guys as well show some self reflection that maybe these guys just weren't that good in the first place ( I know gasp how could a jazz fan say this) and never really developed for whatever reason. You don't have to agree with my reflection on this guys but don't slap me around to hard.

Stay eating with freaking humans my fellow Dunkers.

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