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First Look: Utah Jazz Nike City Uniforms

First look at the Utah Jazz Nike City Uniforms courtesy of Conrad Burry.

Conrad Burry

The Utah Jazz Nike City uniforms are set to be released for another month, but today Christmas came a little bit early courtesy of Conrad Burry of Back in July, we broke the news that the Utah Jazz’s uniforms would be a gold to orange gradient, possibly highlighting Utah’s Arches National Park.

Two independent sources have confirmed to SLC Dunk that the Utah Jazz’s 4th alternate uniform is going to be a Gold to Orange gradient.

One source said it will be a gradient from yellow/gold to orange and that they had no clue what reference the colors were from.

Those of us who live or have been to Utah might know what the orange color could be referencing: Moab. It’s even on the Utah license plate.

Then a few weeks ago we heard from Zach Lowe that there’d be an alternate court to go along with it.

The court is nice, and the new yellow-gold alternate jerseys pop with a welcome boldness. And trust me: The upcoming fourth jersey and accompanying court design are awesome, and like nothing you’ve seen before in the NBA.

Well now we have our first look courtesy of a rendering by Conrad Burry.

Conrad Burry

You can definitely see the Gold to Orange and has a very Houston Astros feel. Considering the Houston Astros just won a title, this isn’t a bad direction, and the Tequila Sunrise motif is probably my favorite in all of sports. The Utah Jazz played a little on that last year with their Blue Sleeved jerseys. But they were sleeved jerseys. This ... this is the good stuff.

Can’t wait to see the Rickest Rick of them all, Donovan Mitchell, and Rudy Gobert in these new threads. Most importantly, I’m really excited to see the court that will match this bold look.