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James Harden puts up 56 points as Houston Rockets demolish Utah Jazz

James Harden becomes 1st player since Michael Jordan to score more than 55 points on 25 or fewer field goal attempts.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Game Summary

The Utah Jazz visited the Houston Rockets looking for their first road win. They. didn’t. find. it. The Jazz were annihilated by an en fuego James Harden and a three point barrage.

The first half started all right, with Derrick Favors hitting a 3 and Joe Ingles knocking a couple down threes.

But then James Harden caught fire. He was perfect in the first quarter, going 8-8 and scoring 22. Then everybody else from Houston decided to join a three party and the game went completely out of control by the end of the second quarter, with the Rockets taking a 67-49 lead into half-time.

If you were a Jazz fan, the 3rd quarter was unwatchable. The Rockets hung 48 points on the Jazz. James Harden had 52 points and 13 assists at the end of the third. It was an incredible performance, but not one we want to see going against us.

The fourth quarter was garbage time for the Jazz.

Game Notes

Derrick Favors hit a couple of threes and led the team with three steals. Wish he’d bang a bit more underneath though, as he only had two rebounds. Of course, it is hard to get rebounds when the other team doesn’t miss.

The Rockets shots 59% from the field and 59% from the three point line. They hit 23 three pointers.

The Jazz were outrebounded (42-33), out-stealed (9-7), out-blocked (7-3), out-assisted (26-22), and outscored (137-110).

James Harden put up 56 points on the Jazz on only 25 field goals. He is the first player to score more than 55 points on 25 or fewer FGA since Michael Jordan in February of 1987.

I’d give out an unhappy Picard, but it is hard to pin this loss on a single player’s bad play. Honestly, James Harden was unstoppable tonight. So we’ll just have to take a facepalm for it happening against the good guys.