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The Downbeat: The Utah Jazz are struggling

The Utah Jazz offense and defense have dipped during their three game losing streak

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz lost last night to the Philadelphia 76ers in one of their worst shooting performances ever. No, really.

This won’t be a regular occurrence, but this season is going to be rough offensively some nights.

Dante! Where for art thou Dante!? Apparently playing video games!

In this picture you can see his brace. Let’s hope that rehab is going well because the Jazz definitely need him back. Get well soon, Dante!

The Utah Jazz announced Star Wars night for this season on December 1st.

Honestly, this is probably the next step in basketball progression. People are out here talking about analytics and what style can take a team to the next level. Well, this is it, the force. If the Jazz could find a way to harness the force to make more basketballs go into the hoop, I’m sure that we would win more games. And if it means going to the dark side to get a win? Then count me IN. And you know I’d be Jedi mind tricking the refs.

Even though the Jazz lost last night, Rudy Gobert’s reputation is still as strong as ever. Joel Embiid was held out because he is scared of Rudy for “load management” and Rudy’s response was great.

It’s a three game losing streak, guys. And there are signs that this might be a long season. Going into this season we knew it would be tough to score, and that was before Dante Exum and Joe Johnson went down with injuries. Let’s make sure we enjoy the small victories and growth from our players.

Rudy is still the best center in the NBA.

and Donovan Mitchell looks like an absolute star in the making.