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Donovan Mitchell sets a Jazz rookie record with 41 points as Utah Jazz hold off New Orleans Pelicans

Mitchell is the first NBA rookie to score 40 or more since 2011.

Donovan Mitchell might have the NBA’s attention now. Mitchell put the Utah Jazz on his back as he carried Utah to a 114-108 win over New Orleans. With four minutes remaining it looked like the New Orleans Pelicans were going to overcome an injury to Anthony Davis and win this game. Then Donovan Mitchell took over with cuts to the basket, attacking DeMarcus Cousins at the rim, and three pointers from beyond the arc.

Continuing off his stellar November, Donovan Mitchell scored a career high 41 points. He becomes the first Jazz rookie to score 30 or more since Trey Burke. He passed the Jazz rookie record of 38 held by Darrell Griffith who also attended Louisville. He also became the first NBA rookie to score 40 or more since 2011. Donovan Mitchell is something special.

This game featured a lot of back and forth without any team really being in control. Before Anthony Davis went down, he had 19 points and 10 rebounds. One would have to wonder if the Jazz would have had the opportunity to win this game had he not gone down with an injury in the 2nd half.

Anthony Davis’ injury was non contact. He collapsed on the floor in the second half and took a lot of time to get up. He was wheelchair’d off the court. No one likes to see injury so we wish him the best.

Donovan Mitchell’s record night did overshadow another brilliant game by Alec Burks. Alec Burks finished with 24 points and 3 rebounds. He continues to show improvement and could be pushing himself into the Most Improved Player conversation as the season progresses.

The Utah Jazz’s next game will be on Monday as they face off against John Wall and the Washington Wizards.

Game Notes

It’s hard to say that Donovan Mitchell could have had a better night, but he almost had the dunk of the year tonight. He launched up and about ended Tony Allen.

Derrick Favors played brilliant defense as he had to hold the paint against both Davis and Cousins. He finished with 18 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 assists. He’s been amazing since Rudy Gobert went down. He even finished with one double water bottle shower.

Jonas Jerebko finished with only 8 points but he was a +20 when he was on the floor. Pretty spectacular considering he guarded Anthony Davis for much of the night.

Ricky Rubio had himself a rough game. He was 0-7 from the field with 0 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists. He only played 24 minutes. With Raul Neto out we saw Utah play Donovan more at point guard. One has to wonder as Mitchell continues his insane development and Alec Burks continues to improve if we see less of Ricky as Donovan takes more PG minutes. Once Rodney Hood comes back from injury, those three have been quite the scoring trio. Something to keep an eye on.

Joe Ingles finished with what looked like Ricky Rubio’s stat line: 13 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists, and 1 steal.