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Donovan Mitchell earned the respect of the game’s greatest

LeBron James the latest to pay respect to the rookie

Donovan Mitchell is taking the NBA by storm.

He started by captivating fans in Utah, but has now expanded to earning the respects of one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA.

After another strong performance from the rookie on Saturday night in Cleveland, LeBron James met up with Donovan Mitchell near center court. He dapped him up, and appeared to give Mitchell some words of advice or encouragement. You may have even seen Dwyane Wade waiting patiently for his turn to speak to Mitchell.

LeBron even commented on Donovan Mitchell’s video on Instagram, crowning him the “young king”.

Is Donovan Mitchell an heir to the throne? LeBron just might think so. If anyone can spot talent and superstar potential out of a kid, its LeBron James.

LeBron doesn’t do this with just any rookie. But James is not the only one to pay respect to the rookie this season.

He joins a long list of superstar players that have been seen speaking with Mitchell post-game. This list includes Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, DeMarcus Cousins and more.

A strong indicator of success is the recognition of other successful people, and Mitchell seems to be in the thick of nightly recognition by NBA stars.