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Donovan Mitchell has healed the wound left by Gordon Hayward

When all seemed to be falling apart, Donovan Mitchell rose.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Three months ago Jazz fans were looking at a setting sun. Gordon Hayward left the Utah Jazz in the worst possible way. Seven years of watching Gordon Hayward slowly, but surely, become an all-star and take the Jazz to the playoffs should have started seven years of plenty.

But he left and everything fell apart.

And then the Jazz drafted Donovan Mitchell. He was electric in summer league and then pre-season. During the regular season he’s gotten better and better to the point of leading the Utah Jazz in scoring, along with all rookies.

The Jazz recently released a video announcing their new community Jersey celebrating Utah. I can’t help but think it also represents a new sun rising on a new era of Jazz basketball. After it seemed night was coming, Donovan Mitchell has cast out the darkness.

Be excited, Jazz fans, this is for real.

Gordon Monson of the Salt Lake Tribune recently posed the question of whether you’d trade Donovan Mitchell for Gordon Hayward strait up.

The answer is no and that’s incredible.

Speaking of Gordon Hayward... After the game against Boston, Hayward made comments about whether he regretted his decision to leave Utah.

He also talked about last July and the sacrifices he made to buy his own flights to “make his decision.”

Hayward’s incredible selflessness to buy his own flights is almost as admirable as his dedication to his story.

This is probably a good time to remember that Hayward sold his houses in May. That’s probably just a coincidence, right?

Magic Johnson recently sat down with Isiah Thomas to heal rifts they’d had for years. Say what you will, but seeing a heartfelt moment like this is rare, and nice to see.

The trade deadline is coming and expect moves from the Jazz.

Here are some things to look for according to Bobby Marks from ESPN.

What to watch

Evaluating the 2018 free agents: Rodney Hood, Derrick Favors, Joe Johnson, Raul Neto and Dante Exum (injured)

Drawing a line in the sand on the cost of Hood with the emergence of Donovan Mitchell

The impact of a healthy Favors (still only 26)


Joe Ingles cannot be traded until Jan. 15.

What do you think? What type of trades will/should the Utah Jazz make?