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Seriously, could Ricky Rubio be any nicer?

Despite his struggles on the court, Ricky Rubio is having an MVP year in the community.

Ricky Rubio has to be one of the most earnest guys in the NBA. You can tell he doesn’t just donate to charity so he can have a tax write-off at the end of the year. He does things in the community because he feels they’re important. He wants to give back. It seems that every Jazz off day he’s seen giving community service whether it’s at a local soup kitchen, a hospital, or some other non profit charity.

It seems the NBA took notice of this as well, awarding him with November’s NBA Cares Community Assist Award.

In what is a career low of a season, he’s having a career high off the court when it comes to service. He uses his platform for good. I still think of this quote from Canis Hoopus when he was traded to Utah:

Love him. You will love him, it’s incredibly easy. You already know he plays with a flair that ups the entertainment factor by several notches, but what will become obvious is just how much he cares. Things weren’t easy for him with the Wolves--the team was bad, and once Tom Thibodeau took over it was obvious he was not a favorite. But he never stopped working, never stopped encouraging and cajoling his teammates. Just love him. He deserves it.

You can see that same energy from him even when things are bad. He pushes through them. While he may not be the point guard of the future for Utah or even for the rest of the season, he’s a guy I think most fans want to see stay in Utah and part of this roster. You can see that he brings a camaraderie that is unmatched by any teammate. He cares. That seems like such a small thing, but over the course of an 82 game season, that matters in a locker room. The example he sets off the court is HUGE for young players such as Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, Dante Exum, and Rodney Hood.

He’s an example of positivity. While there will be the inevitable articles throughout this season on his fit on the court in Utah, there is one thing for certain with Rubio. He’s a fit in the community in Utah.