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Utah Jazz dominate Washington Wizards with impressive blowout win

Wasn’t December supposed to be difficult?

NBA: Washington Wizards at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Six games ago the Utah Jazz looked dead in the water. The offense was stagnant and their defense was floundering.

And then something clicked.

Tonight was the sixth win in a row for the Jazz who are also 7 of their last 8. During that stretch the offense has flowed beautifully and the defense, without Rudy, was still strong. Tonight, with Rudy Gobert back from injury, it was dominating holding the Washington Wizards to 69 points and 28% from the field.

The team flows on both the defensive and the offensive end of the floor. Players know their spots and assignments and get to them flawlessly. Quin Snyder deserves huge recognition for what he is doing with this team, as well as the Jazz players who didn’t give up when things looked bleak.

Tonight it was more of the same. A one-two punch of offense from Alec Burks and Donovan Mitchell. Burks had a game high 27 and Mitchell poured in 21. But that’s only part of it. Every player who had minutes scored and no one had less than 4 points. The Jazz are sharing the ball with incredible efficiency that’s leading to buckets. Only one player didn’t have an assist, Epke Udoh, who came in at the very end of the game.

With an offense rolling with extreme efficiency and a defense that holds teams to only the toughest of shots, December might not be as difficult as we think. The Jazz will play some of the best teams in the league, but with a now top ten defense and offense, it’s time to start thinking of the Jazz as one of the toughest teams in the league.