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Utah Jazz 94 Oklahoma City Thunder 100: The winning streak comes to an end in OKC

Thunder roll in 4th, beat tired Jazz.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports


Well, it had to happen at some point, I guess. The Utah Jazz played some really pretty basketball for three quarters and then ran out of gas, losing 100-94. The Jazz led by 17 with four minutes left in the third quarter, but everything changed when the fire nation attacked ... OR when Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder systematically wore the beleaguered Jazz down, taking advantage of their weary legs.

The Jazz stayed close near the end, but the Thunder Big 3 put them to bed.

The only critique I have is that Ricky Rubio played waaaay too many minutes in the fourth. By the time Donovan Mitchell entered the game, it was too late. There were quite a few people saying that Alec Burks should have played most of the minutes at point guard in the 4th, and maybe that’s true, but he struggled. (11 points on 2-9 shooting)

This one hurts, but it’s a bit of a scheduled loss. Trouble is, Utah seems to have quite a few of those this month. Buckle up, Jazzland.

Game Notes

  • Donovan Mitchell had another good showing. 31 points on 11/22 shooting. We’re spoiled. Truly.

Also, remember when Gordon Hayward had a stretch like this as a rookie? Me neither. Remember when he had a stretch like this as a 7th-year vet? Me neither.

  • Russell Westbrook (34/13/14) and Steven Adams (20/9/1) stole the show for the Thunder.
  • Royce O’Neal came back to Earth, putting up 0 points on 4 shots and finishing at -10.

Next Up: The Houston Rockets visit the Aunt Viv on Thursday. Should be a fun one.