If you could add any player to the Jazz...

Completely disregarding pesky details like trading for them, finding capspace, or convincing them to sign with the team, who would you add? For me, if you take away the obvious answers like Lebron, Curry or KD, two guys we're facing tonight would be high on my list. Giannis, with his incredible defense, playmaking, and versatility would be a fantastic fit. He would immediately improve our defense from great to historical.

It could be my religious bias talking on my second choice, but I think Jabari Parker would also be a great fit. He could be a go to scorer in crunch time on our team and add outside shooting from the 4 position, making him perhaps a more natural fit next to Gobert than Favors is.

Other guys that would be high on my list inclue Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler, both of whom would bring a great mix of scoring and defense to our team.

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