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Utah Jazz All-Star Snub Gobert has been RUDYiculous over the last 10 games.

After doing the math . . . there is no reason to ever do math ever again. There is only Rudy Gobert.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Minnesota Timberwolves Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz are causing a lot of problems for other teams this season. Yes, everyone knows that they play a half-court oriented game that is focused on defense. But the REASON why the team does that is because of one simple point: Rudy Gobert. Gobert is going to be getting a lot of Defensive Player of the Year votes this year (and logically, the best defensive player on the team with the best defense in the NBA should get votes for this — like how the best offensive player on the best team in the NBA gets MVP votes). And he has earned every vote he will get with his strong play.

It’s silly not to funnel the ball to him on defense. It’s super effective on offense as well with high pick and rolls and offensive rebounds. Gobert is having a strong season, but his play over the last 10 games (which includes Snub games after not being selected to the NBA All-Star Team) is downright terrifying for other teams., AllThatAmar

Rounding up he’s a 16 / 14 / 3 guy right now, who passes the ball, gets to the line 7 times a game, and is shooting nearly 70% from the floor.

That’s ridiculous. Actually, ridiculous isn’t good enough anymore. That’s RUDYiculous.

Right now Gobert is playing RUDYiculous-ly.

He could have another monster tonight against the Charlotte Hornets, who just traded away Spencer Hawes and Roy Hibbert, while Cody Zeller is doubtful for tonight.