Should the Jazz add Jimmer Fredette?

Is it worth it for the Jazz to look into signing former BYU star Jimmer Fredette? I saw an article headline recently asking the same question. In my opinion it would be a valuable pickup for the Jazz. While the Jazz are already an efficient offensive team, they could stand to add some extra firepower. Scoring 73 points in a game is very impressive, even if it is in a Chinese basketball league. Adding someone who can score would be smart, especially on a team that has been plagued with injuries. While the Jazz have good 3 point shooters, they don't have enough players that can reliably score the 3 at higher volumes. Rodney Hood and he has missed the some time recently due to injury and adding Jimmer would give you an extra scorer coming off the bench, making the second unit that much better. With the road to the Finals likely going through the Rockets or the Warriors, a team from the West will have to consistently knock down 3s at higher volumes and right now it doesn't seem like the Jazz can do that, even if they have a top tier defense.

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