Offseason Ideas

Yeah, I know. It's too early. Whatever.

Here are some things I'd like the Jazz to do in the offseason. It assumes two things: (i) the Jazz re-sign Hayward and (ii) are unable to keep George Hill without crippling their future because word on the street is that his camp believes he's gonna get max money, which I don't think allows the Jazz any flexibility moving forward with expiring rookie deals that would take place during the presumable length of his next contract (Exum, Hood, and Lyles).

Oh, yeah, this is gonna be totally unpopular.

First, trade Alec Burks so they can re-sign Joe Ingles. It's not even close as to which one is the better NBA player. Burks is a movable contract and Jingles is gonna get paid. It would be nice to use the AB contract as the template for Slow-Mo. He makes everybody around him better and is an underrated defender. I won't miss AB.

Two, trade Derrick Favors and try to land a player in the Markieff/Marcus Morris ilk. Both of these two cheaper and more skilled that DF. Sure, I know that Favs is a a fan fave (and my personal favorite player on the team), but the areas where he is best are actually overlapping Gobert-ian skills that crowd the court. In my opinion floor spacing is way more important than anything that DF provides.

Also, I know people don't like the Morri'. But I do. They're both very skilled PF's that stretch the floor and can get their own buckets. Neither is a great defender but can actually switch down a position and will be better defensively because, well, Gobert. I don't care about the "attitude" argument--we don't know anything. Plus, DF might be a nice dude, but I care more about basketball.

Third, since this assumes Hill won't return, the Jazz are gonna need a PG rotation that exists beyond Dante Exum and Raul Neto. Re-sign Deron Williams. He's still good, albeit a player who is often injured. However, I think it would allow the Jazz room for DE to develop and RN is a serviceable dude. The three of them might be okay, although it would be a clear step down from this year.

Kill me. I traded AB and DF.

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