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The Downbeat #2054: The Way to Start the Road-trip Edition

Your Thursday Downbeat!

NBA: Utah Jazz at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Woo hoo! Another road game another win! Jazz have embarked on their four game road trip and they have started it with a solid win. The Detroit Pistons previous to last night’s loss had won 4 straight games at home. The Pistons are 22-13 at home. That is a solid record. They are also 7th in the Eastern Conference standings, so yay, we beat another playoff team.

The Jazz beat the Pistons soundly, 97-83. The lead got as large as 23 before the Pistons made a little run in the second half to cut the lead to 9. Though the Pistons made their run, it felt the Jazz were always in control. It was a solid win. I am happy.

It’s been super nice to see the fight in our players. Something that hasn’t always been there with this group of guys in past seasons. They are playing confidently, they play like they know the are good, like they know they are going to win.

Here is a cool stat about Gordon Hayward:

Speaking of Karl Malone. The Jazz are having a reunion of the 20th anniversary of the 1997 team that made it to the NBA Finals.

Kay tweeted out about a month ago (or whenever the Jazz started advertising for the event) that Karl would not make it to the Reunion game.

Its a shame that Karl won’t be able to make it but I stand with Steve Luhm in my opinion

How many of you are going to the Reunion game? If I lived in Utah or even Boise still, I would not miss out!

So we all know Moni is a creative genius. She tweeted this out Wednesday for Pi Day.

And this:

We love you Moni!

So we have all heard the rumors that Deron wants to return to Utah.

Deron Williams signed a deal with the Cavs with the goal to win his first NBA title.But the point guard’s biggest desire is to finish the career with the Jazz.

Per ESPN (via Hoopshype), Deron Williams desperately wants to come back and finish his career in Salt Lake City, where he has not one but two homes, one of which George Hill is living in right now.

Open Poll: Do you want the Jazz to sign Deron Williams next season?