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The Downbeat #2045: The I Don’t Even Know Edition”

Your Thursday Downbeat

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t even... like even. I mean what can one possibly say about last night’s game. I mean Amar didn’t even wait to insert the final score into his recap because why should he? The game was horrible, the Jazz played horrible. The Jazz played like they didn’t even care. I mean how do you not care when you are in the middle of a playoff race? How do you not care when you are trying to keep your all-star soon-to-be free agent? How do you not care when you are at home in front of fans who paid good money to be at that game? How do you not care when a fan traveled all the way from Israel to attend the game? I mean how do you not care???

Poor @giladperry. Make sure to follow him on Twitter. He is a great follow.

So there’s this

And this

Don’t forget this, our worst loss this season!

And this little nugget about Trey Lyles

Fun times.

John Schuhmann from analyzed each team’s remaining schedule. Here is what he said about our Jazz

The Jazz currently rank third defensively and if they can hold onto that spot, they will have earned it. Of Utah's remaining 22 games, 10 are against top-10 offenses and only four are against bottom-10 offenses.

So not much about the strength of the Jazz’s schedule but the rest of the article talks more about teams remaining schedules. Amar touched on how hard the Jazz have it to end the season but how its skewed by our last two games being against the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs.

Michael Lee from the Vertical wrote an incredible article about George Hill. It talks about his time in Indiana, his personality on and off the court. It talks about his role in Utah and what he brings in terms of leadership. It also talks about him not signing an extension with the Jazz. READ IT

Hill was unable to come to terms on a contract extension before Tuesday’s deadline, so he will become an unrestricted free agent this summer for the first time. But he has quickly settled into his new surroundings, connecting with fellow Indianapolis-area native Hayward and assisting him to his first All-Star appearance. With his ability to play off the ball as well, Hill has been able to slide over to provide spacing and let Hayward and Hood take advantage of mismatches. Johnson has had a similar no-frills style that could easily be overlooked. He isn’t sure if some teams sometimes take steadiness and consistency for granted, but he knows where subtleties are recognized and appreciated. “I’m sure we do. The Utah Jazz do,” Johnson told The Vertical. “We appreciate him being solid all season. And we’ve been a better team when he’s played.”

A very cool story of why Gilad was at the Jazz game

So awesome.