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BREAKING: Utah Jazz Clinch First Playoff Spot in 5 Years

This is a good thing.

Utah Jazz v San Antonio Spurs - Game One
“I’m back, baby.”

Start saving your pennies now, Jazzland, because the headline says it all! Feast your eyes on this:

Yes, the team has been slumping a bit lately; and yes, we still don’t know what the seeding will be, but you guys, the Jazz –the Utah Jazz– are going to be playing postseason basketball!

How did it happen, you ask? Well, the currently 8th-seeded Denver Nuggets just got strip-mined by the New Orleans Pelicans, thus making it impossible for the Jazz to fall below them, even if they lose every game and the Nuggs win every game going forward, as the good guys own the tiebreaker.

Look, I know it’s not exactly the happiest time ever to be a Jazz fan, and a lot of stuff is in doubt, but I’m gonna go ahead and enjoy this.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports