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Los Angeles Clippers Franchise Playoff History

Bring in the clowns

Game 3: Los Angeles Clippers v Denver Nuggets
“No, YOU phone home, Bavetta!”
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Clippers used to be the San Diego Clippers, and they used to be the New York Braves, who were originally the Buffalo Braves. They’ve been around for 47 years and, well, they haven’t done jack poop in the NBA Playoffs. Period. They are awful and am embarrassment. Pathetic. I get it. Their former owner didn’t care about winning and he is going to burn in Hell when he dies. But their team was a laughing stock for a reason. In a league that immortalizes winners it’s easy to see why this franchise has been so forgettable.

  • 13 years in playoffs, 47 years in franchise history


  • 1974: BUF lost to BOS 2-4 in the first round (then called Conf. Semis)
  • 1975: BUF lost to WAS 3-4 in the first round (again, called Conf. Semis)
  • 1976: BUF beat PHI 2-1 in the first round, lost to BOS 2-4 in second
  • 1992: LAC lost to UTA 2-3 in the first round
  • 1993: LAC lost to HOU 2-3 in the first round
  • 1997: LAC lost to UTA 0-3 in the first round
  • 2006: LAC beat DEN 4-1 in the first round, lost to PHX 3-4 in the second
  • 2012: LAC beat MEM 4-3 in the first round, lost to SAS 0-4 in the second
  • 2013: LAC lost to MEM 2-4 in the first round
  • 2014: LAC beat GSW 4-3 in the first round, lost to OKC 2-4 in the second
  • 2015: LAC beat SAS 4-3 in the first round, lost to HOU 3-4 in the second
  • 2016: LAC lost to POR 2-4 in the first round
  • 2017: LAC vs UTA, result TBD

So this is a team that has been in the playoffs 12 times so far (13 if we are including this year that isn’t over yet), and they’ve actually advanced five times. So 5 times out of 12 they have moved on, and 12 times out of 47 they’ve even showed up.

Brav-effing-vo Buffalo.

Even if they humiliate the Jazz it’s still not going to remove the stench from their sorry franchise that used to go 15 seasons between playoff visits. They are bad and should feel bad.

This isn’t just on the Clippers, but there are two franchises that have not played in the Conference Finals in the last decade of Western Conference basketball. One is the Clippers. The other was the New Orleans Hornets / Pelicans. Chris Paul played and started for both during this time span.

They are losers. They are floppers. They are whiners. And ultimately? No one is going to care about them after they blow this team up. Their home court will be as quiet and barren as a 60 year old woman’s womb.

Right now, right this moment in time? This team has never been better. These are the best moments of their franchise history. This is their golden age. They may not even make it out of the first round this year.

Don’t fear them because they could be good this year. Pity them for how bad they were, and how forgettable they will remain.