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Jerry Sloan, Rudy Gobert, Joel Bolomboy take home Utah State of Sports Awards in 2017

Lifetime achievement award for Sloan, best collegiate male and professional male for the current Utah Jazz bigs

Jazz v Mavericks X
I’m always going to use pictures of Jerry where he’s going a little ‘animated’ vs. ‘reserved’.

Last night we, well not me as I didn’t know about this thing because I’m not involved in any way with the enhancement of Utah’s economy, image, and qualify of life through the attraction, promotion, and development of sports in Utah. But the Utah Sports Commission is all over that. And last night they had their Governor’s State of Sport Awards . . . show? Banquet? Party? See, I really don’t know anything about it, but I love that it exists.

All of the biggest sporting names in Utah were there! And there were awards given out!

The big one for us Utah Jazz fans is that Jerry Sloan received the Lifetime Achievement Award!

We’re all going to miss Jerry so much when he is less accessible by the media and fans. He deserves this achievement for sure. He has enriched countless lifetimes in his. Read more about it from the actual news sites that live and breathe all Utah sport:

Rudy Gobert (NBA’s Utah Jazz) beat out Kyle Beckerman (MLS’s Real Salt Lake), Steven Nyman (Alpine Skiier), and Nathan Chen (Figure Skating). Learn more about them here.

Joel Bolomboy (NCAA Basketball, Weber State) beat out Hunter Dimick (NCAA Football, University of Utah) , Jamaal Williams (NCAA Football, Brigham Young University), and Mitch Wishnowsky (NCAA Football, University of Utah). Learn more about them here.

All of the winners can be seen here!

Congrats to all of the winners, and I echo Spencer here:

I wanna see this!