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Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Clippers Expert Playoff Predictions

So. Many. Hot. Takes.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Clippers
Shall we dance?
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz, despite having the same number of wins, wins against the Western Conference, and the same home and road record, is the underdog against the Los Angeles Clippers. I’m not mad. I think that suits our players well. It’s better than being the team with expectations - especially in their first run in the post-season with this core. The vast majority of the NBA’s experts think so as well, as most see this being a tough series for both teams.

Here is a collection of Predictions. (I’ll add more if I find more from useful / reputable places)

Bleacher Report:

  • Josh Martin, LAC in 5
  • Maurice Moton, LAC in 6 or 7


  • Bill Reiter, LAC in 7
  • Ethan Skolnick, LAC in 6
  • Matt Moore, LAC in 5
  • James Herbert, LAC in 7
  • Jack Maloney, LAC in 7


  • BPI: LAC, 59%
  • FiveThirtyEight, UTA 52%
  • Fan Panel, LAC 55%
  • Kevin Arnovitz, LAC in 6
  • Tim MacMahon, LAC in 7
  • Andrew Han, LAC in 5
  • Jeremias Engelmann, LAC in 5
  • Kevin Pelton, LAC in 7


  • [Computer] LAC 58%

Yes, 538 shows up twice here. I don’t run the internet. This is just what the results show.

Fox Sports:

  • Dieter Kurtenbach, LAC in 7


They ended up saying nothing and giving no prediction at all.

SB Nation:

  • Paul Flannery, LAC in 7
  • Mike Prada, LAC in 7
  • Tom Ziller, LAC in 7
  • Whitney Medworth, LAC in 6
  • Kristian Winfeld, LAC in 6
  • Tim Cato, UTA in 7
  • Zito Madu, LAC in 7
  • Clips Nation, LAC in 5
  • SLC Dunk, UTA in 7

Sporting News:

  • Sean Deveney, LAC in 7
  • Unknown, LAC in 6

Sports Illustrated:

  • Jake Fischer, UTA in 6

The Starters:

  • J.E. Skeets, UTA in 6
  • Tas Melas, LAC in 7
  • Taco Trey Kerby, LAC in 7
  • Leigh Ellis, LAC in 7

USA Today:

  • Sam Amick, LAC in 6
  • Jeff Zillgitt, LAC in 7
  • Michael Singer, UTA in 7,
  • A.J. Neuhart-Keusch, LAC in 7

Yahoo! Sports / Ball Don’t Lie:

  • Dan Devine, LAC in 7

Almost everyone has the Clippers winning. Only about 5 of about 40 guys have the Clippers winning in 5 - and one of them is the SB Nation Clippers Fan blog. The most frequent call is LAC in 7 games.

So buckle up, we’re heading towards another seven games - by consensus here.

And if it’s a seven game series? All of the damn pressure will be on the Clippers to win. Opening the door for some sweet second round music to play.