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We’re not quite done re-watching Joe Johnson sink the Clips. Neither are you!

Joe Johnson, the veteran gunslinger, isn’t done just yet.

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Clippers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Johnson is a 7x NBA All-Star. He has over 20k points. He should be a Hall of Famer when he’s done with torching guys one-on-one. And somehow the Utah Jazz have a guy like that on their team. Behold:

Amazing. 8 Game winners in a decade. We’re so lucky to have him. Some broadcaster used to say that we fans owed Richard Jefferson for being here. I think that veneration should go to Iso-Joe instead. But that’s just my two cents.

Also, the mothership is all up ons this story, they had TWO DIFFERENT POSTS on Joe Johnson’s clutch greatness:


Kristian Winfield and Matt Ellentuck gush about our gunslinger. Winfield details his storied history, dropping 16 against Michael Jordan (as a member of the Boston Celtics), Dropping 20 in the 4th quarter against Boston (as a member of the Atlanta Hawks), and all of his Brooklyn Nets bombs. Ellentuck goes over in more detail about what he did to the Los Angeles Clippers. You want to read all of this. They are also filled with some great videos to watch.

Even ESPN TrueHoop went out of their way to admit that the Utah Jazz are a team that exists:

Here’s the link to the video if the embid below does not work.

I don’t know what the best part of that video was, aside from the shot. I think maybe it’s the defeat cobras, or whatever it was called. But this really was the shot that was seen all over the internet. The good guys at Basketball Breakdown, ahem, broke down the first games of the NBA Playoffs.

And Jazz fan / former radio guy Dan Clayton wrote about Iso-Joe:

Anybody who knows the pathologically competitive side of budding Jazz star Rudy Gobert understands how devastating it much have been when he went down in a heap just 10 seconds into his first every playoff game.

At the same time, anybody who’s seen the work of the player Kevin Garnett once dubbed “Joe Jesus” had to know that Gobert’s early exit hardly ended the competitive portion of Game 1 of Jazz-Clips.

Veteran forward Joe Johnson brought his experience and shot-making skills to work for the suddenly improvising Jazz. He made one important shot after another, and then capped off his 102nd career playoff game with a walk-off, game-winning floater over two defenders.

“I just wanted to get as close as I could to the basket,” Joe Jesus told reporters after the 97-95 Jazz victory. “It was a good thing it went down.”

Johnson’s go-ahead bucket came after Chris Paul tied the game with a banking runner just 13 seconds earlier. Jazz coach Quin Snyder opted against calling a timeout to advance the ball, instead attacking a Clippers defense that didn’t have time to set up. A Joe Ingles screen got Jamal Crawford switched onto Johnson, and he backed him down to the paint before firing a teardrop shot over the outstretched arms of help defender DeAndre Jordan. The ball bounced once on the back of the iron, which as it turns out was serendipitous – it left 0.0 on the clock once the shot finally cleared the bottom of the net.

Dan Clayton, Basketball Breakdown, 2017

There’s so much goodness there, read the read of what Dan said about Joe, and the rest of the BBALL Breakdown guys on the NBA Playoffs right here!

Yes, Rudy Gobert is out right now. But with Joe Ingles doing his McCree thing, it’s high noon for the Clippers.