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Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Clippers Game 1: Visceral Fan Reaction

Here are my thoughts on LAC vs. UTA so far.

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Clippers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome, Jazzland, to DWest’s fan rant. There won’t be any heavy analysis or anything like that: I suppose this is what we call a rant.

Rant Point 1: Chris Paul

Okay, so Chris Paul is annoying. He’s really good, but he’s annoying. He looks like he’s been hit by a bus every time someone breathes on him. He jaws to the refs incessantly, and he’s part of the reason why his team is so mentally unstable at times.

Yep, he’s annoying. But hey, watch him get mad. It’s fun.

Rant Point 2: How about Derrick Favors?

Near the end of the game, the commentators said this of Favors: “He can’t even jump!” What a trooper, though, am I right? He knew that Rudy wasn’t there and he did his best to box out and play defense. That’s heart, and he’s a huge reason why the good guys won.

Rant Point 3: Joe. Johnson.

Can you believe that Joe Johnson plays for the Jazz? The Utah Jazz. Yep. He has been an absolute joy to watch this season. Dennis Lindsey really outdid himself by signing this guy. As Amar said, you know you’re not done watching this:

Rant Point 4: Rudy Gobert is Awesome.

It was gut-wrenching to watch the Stifle Tower go down on the first play of the game. We all thought that the Jazz were dead in the water at that point, and who could blame us? Rudy got hurt, and instead of writhing around in pain like a normal human being he crawled on the floor in order to get back on defense.

Rudy is all-in. Seeing how dedicated he is to this team is incredible. After the game he tweeted this:

Yep. Brothers.

Rant Point 5: Do You Really Think G-Time is Leaving?

Did you see what a dysfunctional Chicago Bulls team did to the vaunted Boston Celtics? The Celtics that are supposed to be oh-so-much better than the Jazz, who have Brad Stevens and Isaiah Thomas and . . . whatever there is to do in Boston? Watch the Boston Red Sox, I guess. You think he wants to trade Rudy Gobert for . . . Al Horford and Kelly Olynyk? All while taking a multi-million dollar pay cut? No, no, no.

Final Thoughts:

  • 538 gives us a 60% chance of winning this series.
  • I still hate watching the Los Angeles Clippers play basketball.
  • #FreeBolomboy!!!

Joe Johnson pulled the chair out from under Blake Griffin. Can’t think of a better man for that to happen to.

Anyway, tomorrow night is gonna be fun, and Friday night will be even more fun. Aunt Viv will be packed and loud.