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Chris Paul is the best

There’s no question about it.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Two Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Clippers (3-3) will host the Utah Jazz (3-3) in a game seven in their first round NBA Playoffs series. The Clippers, who were the favorites to win the series before it started, will look to do just that. And leading the way will be their star point guard, multiple award winning (Rookie of the Year, 9x All-Star, All-Star MVP, 8x All-NBA, 8x All-Defensive team member), future Hall of Fame enshrined Chris Paul.

Chris Paul is so good we see him selling everything from insurance to his own signature sneakers! He’s so good that he doesn’t need to get to the NBA Finals or anything. He’s the best point guard since Magic Johnson, and a Top 5 point guard of all time!

He never fouls, but teams can’t keep their hands off of him. He always makes sure that his teammates who are struggling get the ball in position to score so they break out of their slumps. He doesn’t look to pass first, instead he sees what the defense is doing before making up his mind. Chris Paul is also a great listener, you never see him animated in time-outs yelling at his co-workers.

Paul is also considerate, not wanting Paul Pierce’s last game to be in Utah. Instead, probably it will be in Cleveland as Chris Paul will lead Paul Pierce to the NBA Finals.

I love Chris Paul. I wish he was my dad. And I hope to one day grow up to be Chris Paul. Or a dinosaur astronaut. But one that’s named Chris Paul though.

By Amar, age 6

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