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Chris Paul: “Point God”

In which we pay homage to the NBA’s most annoying PG.

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Clippers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

[Ed. Note: I forgot to publish this earlier. My bad. It’s so good I’m going to publish it now though.]

They call Chris Paul the “Point God.” I tend to agree with them. Here are some things that Mr. Paul is the god of:

  • Flopping
  • Whining
  • Taking cheap shots
  • Getting mad at reporters (deservedly so, but this was funny)
  • Throwing tantrums after losing games
  • Losing to Joe Johnson
  • Never making the Western Conference Finals.

Yeah. Chris Paul is a talented basketball player, make no mistake about that. He’s also whiny, conceited, and irritating. He constantly acts like a fat kid who only got three happy meals instead of five, and watching him get worked by Joe Johnson, Joe Ingles and the Jazz has been fun.

Here’s to continued focus from the good guys in game 6.

Here’s to a long summer.