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Quick Reaction: Utah Jazz rumored to be after Milos Teodosic

SLC Dunk gives their quick reaction to the rumor.

2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup - Day Twelve Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz are in the rumor mill early this NBA offseason. They are rumored to be chasing Milos Teodosic of CSKA Moscow. Our staff has their quick reactions to the rumor. Milos Teodosic averaged 16.1 points, 6.8 assists, 2.1 rebounds, and 0.6 steals a game in only 27 minutes per game during his 2016-2017 season in the Euroleague.

Austin Oldham

I wouldn't hate this. I would be very intrigued by Teodosic. He's a very skilled and fairly big point guard at 6'5''. I like the connection with he and Quin having been together at CSKA Moscow. I think that's the driving force behind the rumors. He's gifted offensively and has shown that he can compete, and even thrive, against NBA-level competition. I'm really just hoping that the Jazz sign a mid-level point guard and that he and Exum split time next year. I just think George Hill is too expensive and would further complicate an already tight cap situation.


Well this pretty much confirms that George Hill is gone. Teodosic seems like a good replacement, and I support the move. He's not THAT expensive, as good point guards go. My other reaction? If Dennis Lindsey wants this guy, it's time for Kokoskov and Quin to turn on the charm. Here's my breakdown of his options:

1. Brooklyn LOLOLOL. No. They're dead in the water, which is small comfort, as their stupid, stupid trade with Boston might end up being the catalyst for Hayward's exit from Utah...ugh.

2. Sacramento I highly doubt that this is happening. Vlade is so enamored with Buddy Hield that I don't think they're going to bring in another alpha PG. Plus, Sacramento is turrible.

3. Toronto The Dinos are in the same boat as the Jazz, as they would be stupid not to shop for a new PG with Lowry's impending free agency. Not gonna lie, Toronto is probably an attractive fit.

4. Atlanta Does this mean the end of the Dennis Schröder era in Georgia? I'm certainly not a fan, and Atlanta could really use a boost at the 1. With Millsap probably walking, I don't feel that the Hawks will be especially competitive next season.

5. Jazz I think that Utah is the frontrunner here. They've got money, talent, and two coaches that Teodosic is familiar with. He'd be stepping right into a starting role, and would have little competition. (sorry, Dante) Plus, he'd get to play with Rudy Gobert, the best center in the league, (don't @ me) and Gordon Hayward. (please, basketball gods)


This could simply be a move for a backup, if we plan on sliding Dante to the SG position. However, if our scouts believe Milos' skills are developed enough to handle a starting position, I would not be opposed to it. His defense, quickness, and shooting while being contested are three categories I would hope our scouts analyzed thoroughly before we made a move. I feel he would immediately be an upgrade from Shelvin Mack in Quin's system.

Kaleb Searle

Should the Jazz be unable to retain George Hill, Teodosic should be an attractive and affordable option. However, let me step up to be the wet blanket on this one to some degree. An NBA team with Teodosic at starting point guard will have an absolute ceiling of maybe a conference finals appearance at best. He's never played against NBA level competition consistently, which is an adjustment for anyone, much less someone already on the declining side of their prime. Teodosic is an incredible passer and a capable shooter, which means he would make an immediate impact on the Jazz' offense.

The question is whether he would be a net positive on the floor, because his defense is just atrocious, to put it nicely. He would definitely need some time at the Quin Snyder school for defense, but at his age, any improvement on that end wouldn't be substantial enough to make him a plus defender. Again, the best case scenario for the Jazz is obviously retaining Hill, but he might price out of their range. In that case, Teodosic would be a decent bridge to discovering if Exum can truly become a franchise point guard or if he can't, time to find another option. Just don't be expecting a storm to the Finals with Milos running the show.

James Hansen

How much would you be willing to pay to not play Shelving Mack? $25,$30 million? Apparently that's what Dennis Lindsey is going to do. I for one am all for it. Lindsey tried as hard as he could at the trade deadline to make sure Quin couldn't play the guy who has some sort of compromising tape Mack, and now is his chance. I can just see Lindsey at the bargaining table trying to get Milos like an old lady glowering at the other grandmas trying to get that antique desk at auction.

But watching Teodosic, you see a pure point guard and, apparently, one of the best passers in the world according to Quin. He can also shoot, having multiple seasons around 40% from three. If we can get Milos semi long term, that will help us win some games and it will also help all the other guys on our team because we won't be spending it making sure two guys on our team make a lot of money for someone else the next season. MILOS!!!

DLC Jazz

I think it would be good but I am in favor of either retaining George Hill or getting Kyle Lowry. If we can do that and we have better luck with health next year as a team, then I think we may be pretty close to actual contention. We may need to make one more strategic veteran addition to sure up the bench.