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BREAKING: Karl Malone rumored to be selecting Dig'em Smacks (Honey Smacks) for breakfast

Karl Malone has narrowed down his final cereal destination to three options.

According to sources—Jimmy Kimmel—Karl Malone loves Honey Smacks cereal. But according to sources, Honey Smacks are not his first choice. Given the preference Karl Malone would select Frosted Flakes. But there’s a contingency there. It must be a Big 3 type of situation should he bring his talents to Frosted Flakes. According to reports, he’d much prefer to dine with Frosted Flakes if there are sliced bananas in the Frosted Flakes and whole milk. We have not been told if Frosted Flakes would like to team up with sliced bananas and whole milk as we are awaiting on their agents to return comment.

If those first two options are off the table, Karl Malone says that he could see himself with Corn Pops. In the late stages of Karl Malone’s cereal free agency, a late contender took the spot of “Dig’em Smacks” (Honey Smacks). Raisin Bran surged with an offer the Mailman could not refuse: cardboard flavored wheat flakes with a scoop of raisins. As of writing this, Karl had taken “Dig’em Smacks” (Honey Smacks) out his top 3 cereal destinations.

Now all of these destinations come from the Kellogg’s coaching tree so it becomes immediately obvious that Karl Malone is looking for that brand of cereal that has the tough Battle Creek Michigan cereal style.

Sources have said if they were going to bet, they’d say he’d go with Raisin Bran saying he just loves raisins.

In the past Karl Malone has linked to Frosted Mini Wheat. We have reached out to Frosted Mini Wheat and they said they did not comment on players they had under contract.