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The SLC Punks Podcast: Episode 1

This week’s episode we discuss a Paul George rental, the future of the point guard position for Utah, and how Boston’s trade with Philadelphia affects Gordon Hayward’s free agency.

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The SLC Dunk podcast is back. Tell a friend. James Hansen and MyLo are your new hosts of the SLC Dunk podcast entitled SLC Punks. Right before recording the news broke about Paul George so we talked about this QUITE A BIT.

0:00 - Paul George Rental for Cleveland Cavaliers

9:00 - Could the Utah Jazz go after Paul George?

18:22 - Does the Celtics’ trade with the 76ers affect Gordon Hayward’s free agency?

33:10 - Who is the Utah Jazz point guard in 2017-2018? George Hill? Dante Exum? Eric Bledsoe? Ricky Rubio?

45:00 - Could the Utah Jazz trade up for Donovan Mitchell?

49:23 - Gordon Monson writes an article on the SL Trib dogging Dante Exum. Only two days after that Dante Exum posts his workout video on Instagram. Coincidence? Not a coincidence?

52:11 - Rudy Gobert and the Quest for Defensive Player of the Year

53:20 - Is Shelvin Mack a flat earther???

56:20 - Instagram Drama - Isaiah Thomas followed Gordon Hayward then immediately after Rudy Gobert follows Chris Paul. Big deal or not a big deal?