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Is this Adam Silver’s secret twitter account?

Is @MiltonPoint Adam Silver?

Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz - Game Three Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

The NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, told Arash Markazi that he had a private twitter account and that it was a secret.

Our past dear leader and founder, Basketball John, is never one to back down from a challenge.

He writes:

That lead me on a hunt to find his elusive account. The first thought I had would be that he would follow one of the NBA’s official accounts but most of those have millions of followers. I’m not going to be able to sift through all of those.

There is one NBA Twitter account though that doesn’t have a lot of follower: @NBAPR. However, it’s a protected account meaning you can’t see who follows that account. Normally.

I was able to see a list of the followers though, looking for accounts that stood out.

He looked for “egg” accounts and ones that wouldn’t stand out due to being private and lacking information.

Silver wasn’t going to put any identifying information on his profile. But it was probably going to have a handle that would be familiar to him. So I started looking through the accounts and handles that would make the most sense for him while ruling out some weird accounts that somehow were approved to follow the official PR account of the NBA.

The first one that stood out to me was this one:


Since I can’t see who @MiltonPoint follows or who follows him, I had to see if anyone mentioned that account. And lo and behold:

I struck Silver.

Who is Owen Silver? None other than Adam Silver’s brother.

BASKETBALL JOHN DID IT. HE FOUND SILVER. You can read all about his detective work here. You are hero to us all, Basketball John.