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Report: Utah Jazz have reached out to Houston Rockets about Patrick Beverley

The Utah Jazz are making a run at the Houston point guard.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Falk of the Salt Lake Tribune reports that the Utah Jazz have reached out to the Houston Rockets about a trade for Patrick Beverley.

As reported by Marc Stein 8 teams are in the running for his services and the SL Tribune now reports that number is up to 12. Aaron Falk reports:

Beverley will make $5.5 million next season, which means the Jazz can absorb his salary until next Friday without sending a player back in return.

Zach Lowe talked about how Utah could absorb Beverley’s salary.

Patrick Beverley is intriguing. He would fit the Utah Jazz’s slow methodical pace and could help the Utah Jazz’s perimeter defense. Beverley’s contract is VERY team friendly at 2 more years for $6M a year. He’d be a great transition guard until Dante Exum is ready to take over the reigns. Patrick Beverley averaged 9.5 ppg, 5.9 rpg, and 4.2 apg on 38% shooting for 3 last year.