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The SLC Punks Podcast - Episode 2: Jimmy Butler & Donovan Mitchell

Utah Jazz draft analysis, Jimmy Butler traded to the Wolves and Gordon Hayward free agency

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On the second episode of The SLC Punks Podcast we have our quick reactions to the Utah Jazz’s moves at NBA Draft, how all these moves affect Gordon Hayward, how the Minnesota Timberwolves are poised to go from pesky to ferocious, and things to watch for at Utah Jazz Summer League.

0:00 - Reaction to the Utah Jazz trading up for Donovan Mitchell

6:19 - How does the pick for Donovan Mitchell affects Gordon Hayward’s free agency?

7:30 - How would Donovan Mitchell fit in Utah if Gordon Hayward leaves? Are they still a playoff team? Who does Utah target in free agency if Gordon Hayward leaves?

16:30 - The pursuit of Gordon Hayward. What would have happened if Hayward signed in Cleveland during his restricted free agency?

21:08 - Reaction to the Utah Jazz trading up for Tony Bradley. Is he the next Rudy Gobert?

28:00 - Jimmy Butler is traded to Minnesota. Why is Ricky Rubio still available?

32:00 - Boston’s swing and a miss on Jimmy Butler and Kristaps Porzingis.

35:15 - If Gordon Hayward goes to Boston would it be through a sign and trade?

36:45 - The Jimmy Butler trade’s effect on the Northwest division.

41:15 - Utah Jazz Summer League: Dante Exum playing in the summer league.

48:00 - For only $60,000/ year Mylo will taste test food for Gordon Hayward so Hayward can avoid future food poisoning.

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