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Rumor: Milos Teodosic closest to signing with Utah Jazz according to Serbian paper

The Serbian point guard is leaning heavily toward signing with Utah.

(Photo Tanjug)

According to a Serbian newspaper, it’s not the Chicago Bulls who are the top landing spot for Milos Teodosic, but the Utah Jazz.

Warning: Terrible Serbian to English translation ahead

Very important is that the coach "jazz musicians" Quinn Snyder firsthand convinced of the quality of the organizers of the game our team, since the 2012/2013 season. Ettore Messina was an assistant in the team CSKA. On top of that our expert Igor Kokoškov is a member of the coaching staff at the club who remember and tandem Stockton-Malone.

After a season spent in Moscow, Snyder said he was Teodosić "probably the best quarterback in the world and can do whatever he wants on the field."

According to them, the connection to Igor Kokoskov and Quin Snyder is a strong one and should not be overlooked. One thing that would not make any sense as far as an international prospect is concerned is why would they choose the Bulls that have had a troubling track record as of late with international prospects.

The Utah Jazz have had a strong track record as of late turning international prospects Joe Ingles and Rudy Gobert into solid NBA starters, and, in Rudy’s case, a defensive star. That fact cannot be lost on Milos Teodosic and his agent.