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Post Draft Presser: Dennis Lindsey

Dennis Lindsey says it’s no secret that the Utah Jazz are looking for a veteran point guard.

SL Tribune

After the draft, a search was conducted across what felt like most of the Utah Jazz-related internet for any Jazz press conferences. No significant results came up. Here are a few videos that showed up shortly after draft night.

First, a quick interview with Dennis Lindsey (courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune) about Utah’s 2017 draft class - Donovan Mitchell, Tony Bradley, and Nigel Williams-Goss. (Please excuse the poor sound quality. It’s the only video of this interview that could be found.)

Here is Donovan Mitchell’s post-workout interview. Watching this interview, it’s pretty clear that Mitchell loves the Utah Jazz organization and wanted to be in Utah even before the draft. He’s well-spoken, respectful, and seems willing to fill whatever role he’s given at the NBA level. He’s drawn comparisons to Avery Bradley, who is a lock-down defender. Not a bad player comp to have.

Next, a one-on-one interview of Donovan Mitchell, courtesy of KSL. Mitchell, again, displays the utmost class and respect, as well as humility and a willingness to work hard and do the dirty work on the basketball court. He’s flattered by Utah’s decision to aggressively move up to trade for him, and he considers being in Utah a blessing. He truly seems like a student of the game. Mitchell seems hungry. Hungry to work, hungry to improve, hungry to prove himself and earn his minutes with gritty, hard-nosed play.