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Donovan Mitchell Quickly Becoming a Social Media Fan Favorite

And a player recruiter?

Syracuse v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Donovan Mitchell is the newest player for the Utah Jazz, and he’s wasted no time getting active on social media. If you haven’t already, give him a follow @spidadmitchell.

Here he is giving credit where credit is due to a leader and anchor for the team. Buying some goodwill with Rudy Gobert can go a long ways, especially for a rookie. I’m sure Rudy will still make him do the rookie dance off, carry a child’s backpack, and stuff his car full of popcorn!

He gave us a good look into his latest workout. And that beautiful jump shot! I recommend pulling up other highlight reels of his if you’re at all weary of Dennis Lindsay having picked this kid.

Last workout in the city before @utahjazz Shoutout to @cbrickley603! @harrington1313

A post shared by Donovan Mitchell (@spidadmitchell) on

As you already know, he’s also mentioned several times how excited he is to be coming to Salt Lake. This was his #1 choice on where to end up. He even admitted to getting emotional about it, which could be seen when he found out about the trade. He retweeted this:

But my favorite one he ended up deleting almost instantly. I managed to find the screenshot he posted. Along with this image he tweeted: @gordonhayward with 2 shrug emojis and a face-over-the-mouth emoji

Notice it’s him playing 2K as a member of the Jazz... with Gordon Hayward as the leading scorer. Like I said, he deleted this pretty quickly. But it was a sly attempt to show Hayward he’s ready to get to work and play ball. This shows he’s done his homework on Gordon as well, posting something about video games.

All I know is that I loved Donovan Mitchell heading into the draft. I didn’t think he’d fall low enough for us to get him. DL worked his wizardry and made it happen. I look forward to seeing what he can do and helping this team win. Salute the man!