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Dante Exum training with Baron Davis in SLC

Cannot confirm if AK was dunked on during this process

Dante Exum Instagram Account

On Thursday, Dante Exum posted a photo on his Instagram account working with Baron Davis on the University of Utah campus.

Appreciate the homie @iambarondavis coming down to SLC to help me out. #TakeNote

A post shared by Danté Exum (@daanteee) on

Dante has now posted two awesome social media posts this summer, the first was this workout video that got all of the heart eye emojis out of me.

Is it hot in here? I need to find a fan or something...

This isn’t all for show either, apparently the Jazz have been very impressed with Dante’s work so far this summer.

On Wednesday, Andy Larsen wrote about the Jazz front office liking Exum’s work:

One note that Lindsey revealed after the draft: Dante Exum is slated to play in the Utah Jazz Summer League, but will not continue on to the Las Vegas Summer League the following week. Exum had previously said that he wouldn't be participating in summer league, but it seems like he's agreed that the three-game stint in front of the home crowd will allow him to show off his development since the season ended. Jazz staff have been impressed with Exum's commitment to training since exit interviews on May 9.

All of these are great signs for the future of the Jazz, now if that one little free agent signing can happen soon, we’ll be set for this season.