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The SLC Punks Podcast - Episode 3: Ricky Rubio & Paul George move to the Northwest

The Utah Jazz land Ricky Rubio and the OKC Thunder land Paul George. What does this mean for the Northwest division?

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0:00 - Utah Jazz trade for Ricky Rubio. Was it a good trade?

7:20 - How Joe Ingles will stay with the Utah Jazz.

9:28 - Why Dennis Lindsey is a better General Manager than Danny Ainge.

15:03 - Danny Ainge is taking loss after loss in the offseason.

30:00 - Woj says Utah should feel confident that Gordon Hayward re-signs.

31:00 - Why Utah is the best landing spot for Hayward.

36:00 - Utah’s #RTArmageddon to rival Philly’s #RTArmageddon

37:00 - Will Rodney Hood, Derrick Favors, or Alec Burks be back with Utah next season?

41:00 - How the new NBA left Derrick Favors behind.

51:00 - Cleveland STILL doesn’t have a GM. Jazz trade for Kyrie had legs.

57:07 - Baron Davis worked out with Dante Exum.

1:01:00 - Say Hi to us on July 3rd at the Utah Jazz Summer League!

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