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Breaking: Joe Ingles signs 4 year / $52 million contract

The Utah Jazz continue their stellar offseason by retaining Joe Ingles in Free Agency.

David Aldridge is reporting the Utah Jazz and Joe Ingles have come to an agreement of a 4 year / $52 million contract. It should be noted that both Joe Ingles and Gordon Hayward share the same agent. They also were inseparable last year on the team.

One would assume this is the canary in the coal mine type of deal for the Utah Jazz. This seems to indicate that the Utah Jazz are very confident that they have the lead in the Gordon Hayward sweepstakes. This also points to the relationship Joe Ingles had with Quin Snyder. Under Quin Snyder Joe Ingles blossomed into a 3 and D player and one of the best 3 point shooters in the league.

Dennis Lindsey is having an offseason to remember as he has turned Trey Lyles and a late 1st round draft pick into Donovan Mitchell, a late 1st round draft pick from OKC into Ricky Rubio, and now got Joe Ingles to sign with Utah for 4 years / $52 million despite there being rumors that he could get 4 years / $60 million on the free agent market.

If Dennis Lindsey gets Gordon Hayward to put his name on the line that is dotted on Monday he will have complete his offseason goals and can then turn to the contracts of Derrick Favors, Boris Diaw, and Alec Burks as additional assets to gain additional weapons to add to the Utah Jazz’s embarrassment of riches.