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Report: Utah Jazz Sign Former #6 2010 NBA Draft Pick Ekpe Udoh

The Utah Jazz go international again and sign Ekpe Udoh.

If you get signed by the Utah Jazz you’re going to need a passport or a visa. The Utah Jazz just went international again signing their third free agent in two days. This time the Utah Jazz according to Shams Charania of the Vertical signed Ekpe Udoh.

You might remember Ekpe Udoh as the player drafted before Gordon Hayward and Paul George. When he was drafted at the #6 spot in that draft he was already 23 years old. He played a year and a half in Golden State then was sent to Milwaukee in that Bogut trade then after one season playing with the Clippers he made his way to Europe.

In Europe he blossomed in the EuroLeague averaging 12 points, 8 rebounds, 2.2 blocks, and 1 steal for Fenerbahce. This most certainly means Boris Diaw is about to be released and/or traded since the Utah Jazz roster sits at 16 players. The Utah Jazz are making moves.