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Report: Justin Zanik returns to Utah Jazz front office

After the Milwaukee Bucks front office fiasco, Justin Zanik returns to Utah.

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According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski, Utah’s prodigal son, Justin Zanik, is returning to an executive role in the Utah Jazz front office. Joining him is David Morway who was the assistant general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks.

If you don’t remember, Justin Zanik left for Milwaukee at the beginning of last season for a General Manager in waiting position. When that General Manager position became available many assumed that it would go to Justin Zanik. But then the Milwaukee Bucks pulled a James Dolan and hired some 34 year old with no front office experience who wasn’t even a candidate instead of Justin Zanik or any other viable general manager candidate.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical, the Bucks are trying to pair Horst with an experienced veteran in the front office.

Horst's ascent to the general manager position comes, Wojnarowski reports, following a "contentious ownership disagreement" during the search, with "owner Marc Lasry, another top minority owner and Jason Kidd" all backing Zanik, but ownership and the team's decision-makers never reached a full consensus.

It appears that Milwaukee’s Assistant General Manager didn’t want to teach Horst, the 34 year old general manager, how to be a GM. Their loss is Utah’s gain. Welcome back, Justin.