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[Audio] The SLC Punks Podcast: What the Jazz need to do to get Kyrie Irving

The best trade proposal for Kyrie Irving might come from the Utah Jazz.

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The latest Woj bomb hit today and it’s that Kyrie Irving wants a trade. We discuss what chance the Utah Jazz have at getting Kyrie (spoiler: good) and what players might be involved.

We talk about some surprising numbers with Rudy Gobert and Ricky Rubio and the reason the Jazz will be just fine. You’ll also learn the reason the Jazz will win a lot more games than you might think.

Finally, we discuss the Jazz front office and the hiring of Justin Zanik and David Morway and what that says about the strength of the Utah front office.

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0:00 Kyrie Irving Trade

4:53 Possible trade pieces for Kyrie

7:00 Is LeBron leaving?

11:29 Who are the teams that have the best chance to get Kyrie?

13:58 Trade LeBron???

15:47 Jazz hire Justin Zanik and David Morway after the Milwaukee GM search disaster.

29:00 The Utah Jazz’s money ball

32:44 Why the Jazz will be a +.500 team next year.

34:41 Whose numbers will improve with Gordon Hayward gone?

47:50 The major reason you want Kyrie Irving