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[Audio] The SLC Punks Podcast: Would you rather have Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love and learning from the past

What the Utah Jazz can learn from the post Deron Williams rebuild to get things back on track?

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The Utah Jazz are in a similar situation to the one they were in when they traded Deron Williams. This time they are building around a young star in Rudy Gobert with solid pieces around him including two young players in Dante Exum and Donovan Mitchell. What mistakes from the post Deron Williams rebuild can the Jazz avoid this time around. And who should the Jazz go after, Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love?

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0:00 Where are we at in the Kyrie Irving trade talks?

2:02 Who would you rather have, Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love?

9:34 What would Kevin Love bring to the Utah Jazz?

18:55 What will Donovan Mitchell bring next season?

20:27 Talking about the post Deron Williams rebuild and how can we learn from it?

35:05 What Was Dennis Lindsey’s biggest mistake?

45:53 Can the Jazz capitalize on other teams’ mistakes with the salary cap?

54:48 Rudy Gobert and Raul Neto’s summer of fun!