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Sources to SLC Dunk: Utah Jazz’s 4th Nike alternate to be Gold to Orange Gradient.

Sources close to SLC Dunk confirm that the Utah Jazz’s jersey will be a gold to orange gradient.

The Utah Jazz jerseys could look like this.

Two independent sources have confirmed to SLC Dunk that the Utah Jazz’s 4th alternate uniform is going to be a Gold to Orange gradient.

One source said it will be a gradient from yellow/gold to orange and that they had no clue what reference the colors were from.

Those of us who live or have been to Utah might know what the orange color could be referencing: Moab. It’s even on the Utah license plate.

So far it has been confirmed that the Utah Jazz will have white, blue, and gold jerseys. With the Orange jersey it appears that there may be no green in the Jazz’s uniform palette next year unless there’s a 5th uniform waiting in the wings for Utah.