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The Downbeat: Orange Utah Jazz Jerseys?

The Utah Jazz will have orange colored uniforms next year.

Vivint Smart Home Arena,

Yesterday, we found out that the Utah Jazz will have orange Utah Jazz jerseys. Here’s what we know:

Two independent sources have confirmed to SLC Dunk that the Utah Jazz’s 4th alternate uniform is going to be a Gold to Orange gradient.

One source said it will be a gradient from yellow/gold to orange and that they had no clue what reference the colors were from.

While there have been many who have insinuated that this must be the gold jersey of what was rumored, from what we have been told this is completely different than the rumored gold jersey that was reported by Andy Larsen.

We’ve also heard from the grapevine that all of the NBA 4th alternates are out there. It sounds like Nike stole the portal gun from Rick and Morty and stole NBA jerseys from every other dimension out there. So while Utah’s might sound hideous—there’s a chance they could be—there’s also a chance that compared to their soon to be contemporaries they might be the best of the bunch. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the Nike NBA takeover, it’s that Nike isn’t here to stick with the status quo.

I, for one, accept our new Nike overlords. May they rule fairly and with dope merchandise.

It is with a sad heart that I must report this news. JP Gibson—the #1 prospect in the 2029 NBA Draft Class—is not out of the woods from that dragon, cancer.

While reaching out to the Gibson family, we found out here at the Dunk that the Gibson family has been lurkers at the Dunk for quite some time. While SLC Dunk can sometimes feel just as dysfunctional as your family, everyone is family here. So what do you do for your family?

You care for them. We will be announcing something in the next couple weeks that we hope will give you all the ability to directly help the JP Gibson family. Stay strong JP and family.

The Utah Jazz organization, players, and community have all come out in their support for JP Gibson and his fight. As a new dad of a 6 month year old girl, I have to admit that the outpouring of love for the Gibson family made me teary eyed.

Seriously, JP, we’re at your beck and call.

Now onto something a bit more cheery. The Utah Jazz players—and ex-players—have been a gold mine on social media this offseason. After Rudy Gobert and Raul Neto’s baecation, Trevor Booker for some reason thought it was safe to venture onto instagram. He was wrong.


For this last downbeat point, I wanted to thank everyone here at the community of SLC Dunk. It’s been a crazy month of July. From Hayward leaving to changes at SLC Dunk to the Jazz having ORANGE JERSEYS(???), it’s been a lot more downs than ups. I want to thank all of you for sticking with us.

Our community here at SLC Dunk is what makes us great. I know a lot of you have probably felt an increased presence in the comments section as of late. I want to explain that and why that is.

Whenever someone at SLC Dunk goes from lurker to commenter they usually—not always, but usually—state that the reason they made the jump was the accepting community at SLC Dunk. We like to have that community be a diverse group of voices from multiple countries, backgrounds, and basketball knowledge; from new basketball converts to basketball analytical diehards, we want a wide spectrum of individuals contributing to a common thread of the Utah Jazz. It’s amazing.

Lately, however, that common thread has been one of infighting, personal attacks, and vulgarity. While we all enjoy a good joke, some things have been stepping over the line. We don’t feel anyone here is terrible, nor do we feel that anyone in our community is a purposeful troll. We’re all a family, and, like any family, we sometimes fight with the people we love more viciously than the people who we absolutely despise—*cough, cough* Draymond Green *cough, cough*.

I want more lurkers to be able to cross that threshold to commenters and fanposters. I want more to feel like they can engage in the SLC Dunk community. You, the reader, after all are the heart of our community. We’re lucky to have an amazing community at the Dunk. So consider August to be our reset month. If you have been warned on SLC Dunk, consider today a clean slate. If you felt like someone had it out for you, forgive them. If you feel like someone just doesn’t get why Rubio is the second coming of Pistol Pete, that’s okay. Love them for the Jazz fan they are.

Remember the community guidelines.

Most of all, remember that there are things greater than basketball. While it may seem like it’s totally worth arguing a point to its absolute death, there are SLC Dunkers out there wondering about things bigger than the TS% of Sefolosha. I love all of you. You’re amazing. Be amazing to each other. This is your community. Make it unique. Make it inviting. Make it fun. Most importantly, make it full of gifs. But even more importantly, make it a sanctuary for any Jazz fan to find refuge. Be good, Dunkers. Be good.