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Wayward: Gordon Hayward leaves Utah Jazz for the Boston Celtics? Not so fast

The Utah Jazz lose their star to Danny Ainge’s Boston Celtics.

Utah Jazz v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images



Could Gordon Hayward have made a decision and then the Utah Jazz came swooping in a la DeAndre Jordan last year to turn the tide? Who knows. This is getting crazy and looks to be getting crazier.


Gordon Hayward is reuniting with his college coach. Small forward Gordon Hayward has signed with the Boston Celtics. The Utah Jazz lose their star to the allure of a larger market. This seemed like a two horse race between Boston and Utah with many seeing Miami as a long shot. It proved to be true. Yesterday at summer league, there was the Danny Ainge cell phone watch. At one point, Danny Ainge took a call and smiled ear to ear. One might assume, he’s known for almost 24 hours now. Gordon Hayward will leave Rudy Gobert and Ricky Rubio for Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford.

It seems as though the draw of playing in a weaker conference and legacy of the Boston Celtics was too much to handle for the Utah Jazz.

Dennis Lindsey and company had spent the better part of a year proving to Gordon Hayward that they could provide him the best chance to compete in the NBA. With the signings of Joe Johnson and Joe Ingles, the drafting of Donovan Mitchell, and the trades for Boris Diaw, George Hill, and now Ricky Rubio, Dennis Lindsey did all within his power and ability—short of trading for LeBron James or Paul George—to win Gordon Hayward’s affection and loyalty.

For Utah they’re in a rough spot. Their backup option in Danilo Gallinari seems to be on his way to Los Angeles in a 3 team trade. Otto Porter the only other small forward who possibly could try to fill the void of the 1 time all-star is a restricted free agent and most expect the Washington Wizards to match. Gordon Hayward put the Utah Jazz in a terrible position to react to his decision.

One has to wonder if Gordon Hayward will go from one of the most beloved figures in Utah Jazz history to one of the most despised. He’s not leaving because there’s an obvious better fit or better team out on the market. His best fit for success was in Utah, now he will get the praise of his new team, but the ire of Jazz fans for the rest of his career. He went from most likely having a statue in front of Vivint to being a Benedict Arnold.

This is now Rudy Gobert’s team, for better or for worse. The Stifle Tower now reigns supreme in Utah.

[Editor’s Note: No one vote for Danny Ainge’s son, Tanner Ainge. We here at the Dunk don’t have an official political stance. But we now see that all of the Danny Ainge family is Anti-Utah-Jazz. Anyone who is Anti-Jazz is Anti-Dunk. Don’t vote for this man.]