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Utah Jazz vs Philadelphia 76ers: Summer League Game 2 Preview

The spider is about to strike again ... in warmups

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Utah Jazz will face the Philadelphia 76ers in their second game of Utah Jazz Summer League at 7PM MST on NBAtv. It should be a really fun matchup with the Jazz promising young backcourt of Dante Exum and Donovan Mitchell facing #1 overall pick Markelle Fultz.

In their game against the Spurs, Donovan Mitchell and Dante Exum put on a show! @my_lo and I were there and it was so fun to watch.

There were so many times that Dante and Donovan got us out of our seat and that was just in warmups...

To be honest, this is the game I’m most excited to see and it’s not that I’m rooting for Markelle Fultz to be better than Jayson Tatum for Boston Celtics hatred reasons.

Marquee Matchup: Donovan Mitchell vs Markelle Fultz

Even though Fultz didn’t have an efficient night against the Celtics, he showed a lot to be excited about for Sixers fans. He got to wherever he wanted on the court to get his shot, it just didn’t fall as much as you’d like to see.

Against the Spurs, Mitchell showed flashes of brilliance. He played a controlled, efficient game hitting 10/17 shots while hitting 3/6 from three. He mixed athleticism with skill, scoring at the rim and outside. It was surprising whenever it didn’t go in.

One of the knocks people had with Donovan is that he might not be able to scale it back, that he might take too many “bad” shots. Against the Spurs he showed that wasn’t the case. He took shots within the offense while also dishing five assists. If Donovan can keep up this type of play, the sky is the limit.

X-Factor: Dante Exum

The other story from game one was how well Dante played. He looked calm and confident, not getting frustrated with pesky D-League defenders playing their hearts out for a contract. He also got to the rim at will, hitting shots and dishing to shooters and big men. It was obvious that Dante’s handle is much improved. So much of what you heard about Dante last season was that you could ignore his left hand. It’s clear you can’t do that anymore. And if you can’t back off Dante because of his improved jumper? Look out!

(highlights start at :23)

Furkan Korkmaz

The embarrassment of riches for the 76ers continues with 2016 Draft pick Furkan Korkmaz’s first game since becoming the highest paid rookie in the NBA.

Korkmaz is 6’8 and is slotted to be right next to Markelle Fultz. This will be some serious competition for Dante Exum and Donovan Mitchell. One that should be worth the price of admission.


The Jazz beat a well coached Spurs team handily and should have no problem against the Sixers.

Jazz win 75-60