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NBA + NBL: Utah Jazz to play Sydney Kings of Australia in preseason game

Winner gets a 2nd round Pacific island to be named later.

NBL Media Opportunity Photo by Matt King/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz will face off against the Sydney Kings in Salt Lake City this preseason on October 2nd—or the 3rd if you’re an Aussie. This will mark the first time the Utah Jazz have faced off against an NBL team.

As most of you know, Joe Ingles, aka DA GAWD, used to play for South Dragons, won the Rookie of the Year award for them in 2007, and brought a championship to them the following year. Like we said, DA GAWD.

If this is pandering to the Utah Jazz’s Australian player’s roots (Dante Exum and Joe Ingles) we are here for all of it. Count us in.

The opponent the Utah Jazz will be facing is the Sydney Kings. While I’m sure Joe Ingles would have rather wanted to face off against the Adelaide 36ers (his childhood dream was to play for them), the Sydney Kings will do in a pinch. The Sydney Kings went 13-15 last season. They featured the NBL’s 5th leading scorer in Brad Newley who averaged 17 points a game.

Who is the leading scorer in the NBL you might ask? Some guy named Cotton. Bryce Cotton. You might have heard of him.