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How many games will the Utah Jazz win?

A highly unbiased and scientific look at the Utah Jazz season schedule

Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz - Game Four Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz schedule is out and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s great to talk about actual upcoming matchups and focus on the future for the Jazz.

What I’m going to do now is a scientific study of the schedule. The way my formula works is I will look at the games, think about it, then decide whether they will win or lose them. If you do not understand the formula, that’s okay, it took me a long time to come up with it. I even have a degree.

Alright, let’s go!


In October we play seven games and four of those are against likely above .500 teams. We also play those first four teams in a row. No easy start for the Jazz this year.

What the Jazz have in their favor is that Denver, Minnesota and Oklahoma City are all three bringing in a great player that should improve their teams and they may not have their chemistry yet. The tough part is that all three brought in a great player. I know, it’s science.

I think the Jazz handle the below .500 teams while also taking two of the first four games. The Jazz defense is going to surprise people from the get go and the offense is going to be better than expected. After October the Jazz will be at 5-2.

October is going to be a fascinating month, having a winning record this month is going to be huge in dictating what possible front office moves, and coaching decisions, will be made.


November is a month where the Jazz can gain some serious ground in the standings. There’s a lot of below .500 teams in November and the Jazz could easily string together multiple win streaks. Heck, maybe they’ll win the entire month? Just kidding, at some point the Jazz have to be polite and allow the other teams in the league to feel good about themselves. It’s why we’re the good guys.

In November the Jazz go 11-4 and are at this point rolling with an overall record of 16-6.


Let’s all hope the Jazz have the great October and November that I’m predicting because December is where things start to get really difficult. At this point, teams will have scouted the Jazz and have a better idea on how to stop them. The defense will be fantastic still, but the Jazz need to have figured out how to score efficiently to win games in December. This month that is going to be hard.

After some tough scientific formulations, it looks like the Jazz really struggle in December and come out happy for any win they can get. In December they go 4-11. This puts the Jazz at 20-17.


Thank goodness for January. After a brutal December, the Jazz will need some winnable games to get some momentum back and January provides that. Wear and tear will be a big part of this season, hopefully the Jazz, with their new head of performance health care, are healthy and keeping up their #1 rated defense.

Overcoming a few hiccups on a long east coast road trip, the Jazz leave January at 8-5. We’re now starting to think about playoff seeding with the Jazz surprising everyone, but people who actually watch the Jazz, with a 28-22 record. My favorite thing will be some of the ludicrous numbers Rudy Gobert is going to have this season on his way to his first Defensive Player of the Year award.


It’s all star month and Rudy Gobert is on his way to his first all-star game. You know he’s going to put up some monster numbers to try and seal his way into a spot that should be his for years to come.

Because of that push from the Jazz leader, Rudy Gobert, Utah is able to overcome some difficult games and come out of February with seven wins and four losses. The Jazz are in command of their own destiny from here on out with a record of 35-26.


I am obviously biased and probably overly optimistic for this season, but going through the schedule it’s surprising how many winnable games there are. The Jazz have the experience to win the close ones and this season they’re going to show it.

March has some tough games but Utah has a chance to string together some win streaks again this month, Utah comes out of March 9-6.

With that record do we start tweeting all the analysts every day about their incorrect predictions about the Jazz or just all the time?

Heading into the final month of the season, Utah is at 44-32.


The final month of the season is going to be fun. We play the Lakers twice and we have our final game of the season on ESPN. Let’s just hope that Portland isn’t a dumpster fire so that game doesn’t get bumped.

The Jazz win against the Lakers and start resting for the playoffs against good teams. That’s right, playoffs baby!

The Jazz go .500 in April and cap a pretty magical post Hayward season going 47-35.